About Me

Albany, Who?

The basics: My full name is Albany Ann Marie Franz. I'm 22 years old. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I'm currently studying Graphic Design at Spokane Falls Community College. 

So, what can I do? Mostly, my strengths lie in illustration, painting, photography, and animation. I enjoy hands on work as much as I do computer generated work. My skills include design, typography and page layout, and some HTML/CSS. I'm also proficient with multiple Adobe programs .

Alright, enough talk about qualifications. Who am I? I'm a daughter, a step-daughter, a sister, and an aunt. I'm fun, goofy, down to earth, and sometimes a little strange. I have a busy, creative, wild mind and it shows. My style is a little different every day but i'm pretty much always wearing a scarf. I love the ocean, horror movies, Netflix watching, Dungeons & Dragons, animals, family dinners, gaming, and taking BuzzFeed quizzes.